Explore the Ultimate Guide to Hurtigruten Cruises in Norway

Explore The Ultimate Guide to Hurtigruten Cruises in Norway

Hurtigruten Cruises
Hurtigruten Cruises

By David Nikel

Hurtigruten cruises are a bucket list item for many travelers. These voyages offer a unique blend of historic seafaring traditions and modern cruise comforts, creating unforgettable experiences along Norway's magnificent coastline. Whether you're drawn to world-famous fjords, picturesque fishing villages, or the crisp Arctic air, Hurtigruten has something to offer. Let's dive into the wonderful world of Hurtigruten cruises in Norway.

1. Introducing Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten, which means "the fast route," has a rich history dating back to 1893. Although the company as it exists today was established in the 1990s through a merger of previous operators, its legacy remains deeply rooted in Norway's coastal culture.

The coastal route, known as the Hurtigruten Coastal Express, offers a classic way to explore Norway's stunning coast. It's a voyage that combines tradition with modern amenities.

2. Coastal Cruise vs. Expeditions

Hurtigruten Coastal (BKB): This is the classic coastal cruise service. It operates seven out of eleven departures from Bergen. Travelers can embark on a full roundtrip, a one-way journey, or shorter segments (e.g., Bergen to Tromsø or Trondheim to Tromsø). Foreign tourists can also use Hurtigruten as a coastal ferry, just like many Norwegians do throughout the year.

Hurtigruten Expeditions: If you're seeking a more immersive experience, consider an expedition cruise. These voyages take you beyond the coastal route to explore remote destinations, wildlife-rich areas, and unique landscapes. Expert guides enhance your journey by sharing their knowledge of the animal world.

3. Why Choose Hurtigruten?

  • Discover the Best of Norway:

Hurtigruten cruises allow you to explore Norway's most beautiful regions, from dramatic fjords to charming villages.

  • Get Close to Nature and Wildlife:

Step into nature during walks, hikes, boat trips, or kayaking excursions. Hurtigruten takes you closer to wildlife than any other cruise line.

  • Immerse Yourself in Local Life:

Interact with locals, taste regional cuisine, and learn about Norway's cultural heritage.

4. Practical Details

  • Cabins and Amenities:

Hurtigruten ships offer comfortable cabins with varying levels of luxury. Choose the one that suits your preferences.Onboard amenities include restaurants, lounges, and observation decks.

  • Dining:

Enjoy world-class food featuring local ingredients. From fresh seafood to traditional Norwegian dishes, the culinary experience is exceptional.

  • Itineraries:

Coastal cruises follow the Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen route, while expeditions explore more remote areas, including Svalbard.

  • Booking and Loyalty Program:

Book your cruise directly through Hurtigruten's website or authorized agents.Consider joining Hurtigruten's loyalty program for special benefits.

5. Conclusion

Whether you're drawn to the midnight sun, the rugged coastline, or the magic of Norway's fjords, Hurtigruten cruises offer a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Come aboard and discover the wonders of this historic and captivating voyage.

So, pack your bags and set sail on a journey that combines tradition, nature, and exploration. Bon voyage! 🚢🌄

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